There are currently three versions of Web-O-Rama:

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP.

Installation of Web-O-Rama on computers running any version of Windows 95 is not recommended. Users must be Power Users or Administrators of Windows 2000/XP machines in order to install Web-O-Rama. Users of Windows ME should read the August 2001 note on the News page.

Technical Support

Please look through the Faq-O-Rama page before e-mailing me with questions. Although I try to answer all reasonable questions, I give priority to people who have purchased Web-O-Rama or who have made donations. Program suggestions or reports of problems are always welcome.

Web-O-Rama Standard

Web-O-Rama is a versatile, text-based HTML editing program provided as a donationware alternative to overpriced shareware HTML applications. Web-O-Rama has an uncluttered interface and a wide variety of useful features, including intuitive dialogs for adding images, tables, links, lists, sounds, forms, scrolling text, hex values, special characters, frames, body and font attributes, and more. A handy Tag List dialog contains definitions of most HTML tags and their attributes. Templates, drop-down menus, multiple toolbars, tag coloring, and user-configurable buttons aid both novice and advanced HTML authors. Files of any size can be opened, edited, searched, and saved. Although the program is technically free for non-commercial use, donations are encouraged to allow continued development.

Download Web-O-Rama Standard

Full Version 7.92

Web-O-Rama, v. 7.92, is a four megabyte compressed file. Please make sure you use a decompression tool ("unzip" utility) designed for Windows 95 or higher to extract the files from or you will be unable to install the program. Read all documentation included with the download for further installation details.

Special Notice for Windows ME Users

Several people have reported problems trying to install Web-O-Rama on computers running Windows ME. If you are using Windows ME and are having trouble installing Web-O-Rama (see "What's New" for 4 August), download Use it as a replacement for the SETUP.LST file that is included in the Web-O-Rama installation package.

Download and unzip the full installation version of Web-O-Rama. Unzip the contents of to the same folder, overwriting the SETUP.LST file that is already there. Run the installation.

Web-O-Rama Pro Classic

The full version of Web-O-Rama Pro Classic is available on CD or floppy disk for $29. For $21, you can have the .exe only e-mailed to you (the latest version of Web-O-Rama Standard must already be installed on your system). Customers who purchase Web-O-Rama Pro Classic now will be entitled to receive future upgrades free of charge (for e-mailed .exe only; there will be a modest [around $5] shipping and materials charge to receive the upgrades on CD or floppy disk). I can be contacted by sending e-mail or by sending inquiries or orders to Kevin Gunn, P.O. Box 442155, Lawrence KS 66044-8933. Please allow two to four weeks for postal orders to be processed. Sending an e-mail at the same time a postal order is mailed will reduce processing time. Be sure to include a full return address and an e-mail address with all orders!

Web-O-Rama Professional 8

An all-new version of Web-O-Rama has been released, Web-O-Rama Professional 8. Features include as-you-type HTML syntax coloring, line numbers, unlimited undo/redo, and much, much more. Web-O-Rama Professional 8 is available on CD only. Current price (winter 2001-2002) is $35. Please see the What's New in Version 8 Word document for program details, screen shots, and a printable order form. If you like Web-O-Rama Standard or Web-O-Rama Pro Classic, you will love Web-O-Rama Professional 8. If you have purchased an earlier version of Web-O-Rama Professional, contact me for upgrade details.


Several people have reported that after installing Web-O-Rama, the program locks up when they try to run it for the first time. This may be related to the splash screen that displays when Web-O-Rama starts. If you experience this problem, you can download webosplash, a small (four kilobytes, compressed) utility that will allow you to disable the splash screen from outside Web-O-Rama.

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