Screen Capture, v. 3.2 (2.2 megabytes), is a shareware screen saver that captures an image of the screen when it starts and then manipulates the image in a variety of ways based on selected options. Version 3.2 includes a redesigned interface, support for playing sound files, and additional enhancements. It is not a graphics program. It is a screen saver.

Screen Capture is shareware. In order to continue developing inexpensive software, I need modest financial support from people who enjoy Computer Guys programs. Screen Capture can be purchased for $11.95. If you have not purchased the program, you will see a "nag screen" each time you access the setup options. Payment can be sent to

Kevin Gunn
P.O. Box 442155
Lawrence KS 66044-8933

Be sure to include a postal address, an e-mail address, and please specify which program you are ordering. As soon as I have received payment, I will send you a copy of Screen Capture on CD that does not include the nag screen. Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

Download Screen Capture

Full Version

Screen Capture, v. 3.2, will take 12 to 17 minutes to download if you are using a 28.8 or faster modem. Please make sure you use a decompression tool ("unzip" utility) designed for Windows 95 or higher to extract the files from or you will be unable to install the program. Read all documentation included with the download for further installation details.

Copyright © 1997-2002 Kevin Gunn
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