With the cost of a decent scanner under $100, why pay someone else to scan your images? There are many reasons! I have a drawers full of personal photographs that I should scan, but am I ever going to get around to it? Doubtful. Scanning is tedious, time-consuming, and physically demanding. It is also an art. Buying a scanner is one thing. Learning how to create high-quality images, as well as finding the time to scan all those pictures your significant other has been bugging you to scan for years, is another.

The Computer Guys provides custom scanning at reasonable rates. Images are scanned by hand on a flatbed scanner at 75 to 2400 pixels per inch (ppi). Prices quoted below are for providing you with .GIF or .JPG images. Uncompressed image formats, such as .TIF or .WMF, may be slightly more due to the extremely large file size.

Great care is taken when scanning your images. Images are scanned one at a time by hand, not put into a mechanical feeder. The Computer Guys has never had a dissatisfied customer.

On scanning jobs of 36 images or more, The Computer Guys will scan an image at no charge as a sample so you may approve the format and resolution.

At present, The Computer Guys cannot scan slides or negatives. Please inquire, however, about the availability of these services.

Although prices are negotiable, the charges for non-commercial, standard resolution scans (75 ppi to 150 ppi, depending on the size of original image) are listed below:

All images can be scanned, by request, at higher resolutions (up to 2400 ppi). However, since scanning at higher resolutions takes much longer, the prices are higher. For 300 ppi scans, add 50%. For 600 ppi scans, add 100%. Ask about prices for higher resolutions.

There may be handling charges for scanning images that have to be removed from photo albums, frames, etc. Scanning image with horizontal and/or vertical lines requiring absolute alignment may cost somewhat more.

Images can be provided in a variety of formats, including .GIF, .TIF, .JPG, .BMP, and .WMF.

Photographs scanned and returned promptly. 100 images or fewer can usually be scanned in five to seven business days. Bulk scanning of up to 300 images may take seven to ten business days (The Computer Guys may need two weekends). Inquire about scheduling for >300 images.

No charge for standard postage on scans of 36 images or more if the original photographs can be returned in a single 6 × 9 padded envelope. UPS, FedEx, or Priority Mail charges are extra.

Images are burned onto CD for $2.00 per CD. Uncompressed image formats may require multiple CDs. Images can also be e-mailed to you in zipped format if the total file size is <1 megabyte.

For an additional fee (depending on the amount of work involved), images can be lightened, darkened, gamma corrected, solarized, cropped, rotated, sharpened, softened, touched up, or otherwise manipulated.

E-mail me for details or send an inquiry to

Kevin Gunn
P.O. Box 442155
Lawrence KS 66044-8933

Prices may be negotiable based on number of images, quality of scans desired, and amount of work involved. For unusually large jobs, I may have to see samples before I can make an accurate bid.

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